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The journey towards success often times appears to be a lonely one. Most times entrepreneurs need to personally bootstrap their ideas to full to full actualisation. However, one of the greatest limitations to people’s actualisation of their dreams is limited access to resources. Some thought leaders would argue that what you need to succeed is not actually resources but the ability to be resourceful. whilst this might be true, I would argue that resourcefulness is in it self a resource because one has to source, build and harness one’s capacity to be resourceful and when you lack the means or conducive ecosystem to achieve this, then achieving success becomes a herculean task or worse still far fetched. 
I have had the time to observe, research and reflect on the greatest challenge I face in my part of the world. And I have come to the conclusion that humans face almost similar problems irrespective what part of the world they find themselves in, only that this appears in varying degrees and affects them in different levels.

One of the greatest challenges, people face in the world today is the absence of the proper ecosystem (environment) or the inability to leverage on it (where it exits) to scale their innovative breakthrough ideas. And because of this many bright minds have taken their wonderful ideas to the grave and even more are about to follow the same path if nothing is done.

We find ourselves in an age of disruptions. We are faced with so many disruptions in politics, religion, social life and even more threatening from our technology. Technological disruption caused by automation and digital globalisation. As our technologies and economy are growing exponentially there is need to match this with an attendant environment that will that would help entrepreneurs to scale their ideas.


Our Platform:

Future discussions is an online platform where innovative ideas and skills are horned through collective support and participation. Our community is comprised of experts, nerds, venture capitalists and investors who are committed to the principles of Individually Propelled Growth (IPG) principles that include common good, trust, partnership, progress and sacrifice. With the qualities of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, innovative thinking, open mindedness and exponential thinking that act as a catalyst or conduit for achieving success and exponential growth for us all as both individuals and as a collective.

Programmes for this platform

This Whatsapp platform is the stage for discussing and horning those great innovative ideas we have about how to transform and revolutionise our societies and build a better future for us all in the face of the current political and technological disruptions we face as a people, specie and as individuals.

The reason for setting up this movement is born of the determination to solve two challenges facing us as a country and as a specie or community of humans

1. As a country, to solve the sociopolitical catastrophe or challenges we have found ourselves in our country Nigeria and different societies. What I refer to as “Political disruption”. Solving this challenges through the application of the principles of IPG.

2. As global community and individuals to better educate and prepare us of the technological disruptions caused by automation, innovation and digital globalisation.

3. On a practical level this platform is set up to provide the needed ecosystem for people with smart, innovative ideas to find the needed support, backup and opportunities scale their ideas to whatever height their dreams can get. And so to achieve this it leverage the benefits inherent in the strategies of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to build a supportive ecosystem to make dreams come true.

4. Through this we would achieve the vision of IPG and better save ourselves from the dangers of disruptive technology. We would build the kind of future we all envision for our children and their children’ children.

And so on this platform we would be doing the following to get this vision:

• Publish weekly articles on how to apply IPG in different sectors of your society’s economy

  • Produce and Publish Podcasts on relevant topics that affect our areas of concern.

• Welcome ideas and how to scale innovative ideas in whatever sector.

• Organise and hold contests/challenges to help boost people’s ideas (ideapades)

• Conduct open questionnaires on (1) how to improve and build the platform to help us achieve our vision, (2) how to implement and achieve IPG in your community and (3) to confront the challenges posed by disruptive technologies.

• We would hold online/offline workshops, conferences and shows on how to create the best ecosystem through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding for us to scale our innovative ideas and build the businesses and institutions of our dream.

This movement and platform is ideologically generated and more importantly “action oriented”. Every member should be dedicated, open to knowledge and ready to orient and form effective and efficient teams to scale any idea that is adopted and set on the table for execution.

To understand the theory of Individually Propelled Growth see the article on: Individually Propelled Growth (IPG): A Case for Creativity and Disruptive-Innovative Entrepreneurship in an Age of Political Dystopia

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