INTRODUCTION: The result of our life’s experiences is an admixture of the things that happen to us and the way we react or respond to them.

Often times we experience a whole lot of events that shape our worldview, these experiences are the ones life throws at us through our daily dealings with individual people, the political, economic, and religious systems. All of these are ways life experiences influence us. However as free humans we are not totally helpless in the face of these impressions courtesy of the agency of the will which is responsible for the freedom in us, and so we can interfere in the course of the world processes and change them to suit our own patterns. While the world throws different realities (jabs) at us we can decide to react or respond in different ways. We can decide to give a positive response or a negative reaction. The response we give determines the quality of result we get.

The Negative Reaction: Most people react to situations in their lives rather than responding to them. Reaction is more of an impromptu, rash decision over a situation or an event that has happened, it is usually governed by stimuli and emotions, considering its characteristic nature of unpreparedness it is susceptible to mistakes and all manner of regrettable consequences.

The Positive Response: A response in itself involves a more calculated and articulated course of action that has put into due consideration all the relevant options before execution. A positive response is a course of action taken after a proper evaluation of the situation at hand. It is calculated, premeditated and efficiently-yielding. Responding to an event puts you in control of a situation instead of leaving you to act blindly in a helpless and clueless manner. The way we react to situations in life determines the kind of results we get in life.

Responses and reactions are all outcomes of the way our lives have been shaped and our thought processes have been patterned. All of these are fallouts of the impressions that been made on us through our environment, the kind of information that we receive, that determines our mindset, which influence the pronouncements or utterances that we make and all of these affect our course of actions. These that I have enumerated are what I call the factors of life; they are the things that determine course of our lives. They determine our success rates in life.

The Five Determining Factors of a Successful Life  

1. Your Environment: Every existing thing in the universe is located within a given environment. The nature of everything is made to suit its environment in order to guarantee the fulfilment of its purpose and the full actualisation of its potentials. When a thing, take for instance a plant is located in the wrong environment poor growth and possible death is inevitable. To guarantee the successful growth and efficient yielding of the plant the right soil, proper topography, and all other relevant conditions that are essential have to be present. In the same way humans have built-in special qualities, gifts, and characteristics, your unique potentials can only thrive when you are in the right environment. Your environment plays the role of providing the fertile conditions that would make it conducive for you to harness your potentials and discover yourself.

Our environment include our schools, our religious gatherings or affiliations, our families, friends and peers, the different social groups we identify ourselves with, our workplace etc. All of these are what may be called your associations and these are pivotal to your success in life. We are like seeds that require fertile soil to grow healthy, if you place a seed of corn on a marble floor no matter the amount of manure and water you apply on it, so long as it remains on that marble floor it would not germinate, it would not manifest its glory. If you are born to be an entrepreneur, you possess the requisite skills for creating innovative products and the ability to manage risks, you will be doing yourself the greatest disservice by getting a white collar job, sitting in an well decorated gadget-equipped office with probably a handsome end-of-the-month salary, working for someone else while your entrepreneurial skills wane and rot untapped and undiscovered. Know this: The failure to harness and put into full use your natural gifts, talents and potentials is a violation of the law of nature. Needless to say, we all know what happens when a law of nature, say gravity is violated; you would have to pay dearly for it. You therefore have an obligation to discover or create the right environment necessary for the development of your potentials so as to put them into full use for the sake of your generation to whom you are naturally indebted to fulfil your purpose in life.

2. The Information you Receive (Your Education): It was a renowned English 16th century philosopher, Francis Bacon that said “knowledge is power”. This explains the indispensability of knowledge as not only a weapon for man’s fight and defence but also as a tool for creation. And what better way is there to acquire knowledge than through information. Information is the vehicle of knowledge.

Now, information as a means of knowledge acquisition could be availed through several media. It could be through our families, schools, peers, mass media, and even recently and more massively through the internet.

The information we get through these different channels pass into our mind and they determine the trajectory of our thought process. The form the data bank of the knowledge we possess. Information is almost everything it determines the way we think, the way we react or respond to situations. Information shape our mindset, information determine our wealth of knowledge. The difference between a highly successful person and a mediocre is the quality and amount of information he or she possesses. The difference between developed, successful nations and underdeveloped third world nations is on their level of civilisation which is a result of the quality and amount of information at the disposal of each, the level education or better put enlightenment is higher in developed worlds than their underdeveloped counterparts. The amount and quality of information at one’s disposal gives one an edge over his contemporaries. The right information always puts you ahead in the game it gives you a better understanding of who you are, what your capabilities are and the extent of your strength. Where the right information that provides the right knowledge is absent failure and utter destruction is inevitable. Imagine the level of transformation our world has undergone in recent times, the level of development and civilisation that has spread though out the different parts of our globe. Nations have evolved politically, culturally, ideologically and otherwise, industries have emerged, new scientific discoveries and technologies have sprung up, the social structures of societies have witnessed radical shifts, women becoming more independent and even becoming real leaders, commoners and immigrants taking up previously recognised sacrosanct roles, individuals have had tremendous breakthroughs all of these courtesy of the quanta of information and new knowledge that are in circulation.

The human nature is built in such a way that it is in constant search of information to assuage his insatiable thirst for knowledge and so the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, would dub man a knowing being – This knowledge is what makes him exceptionally unique from other lower beasts –animals. Nevertheless, this knowledge – power – that man possesses could either make or destroy him depending on he uses it.

You have therefore, an obligation to seek for the right information always in every area of your career and life. Your general life and career will move from where it is to where you want it to be courtesy of the amount and quality of knowledge that you possess. Educate yourself then if you truly want to be successful. I guarantee you that if you would read at least one book in every three weeks in any area of your interest or career that in three years you would be among the top experts in your field and you would always find yourself at the top of your game.

To transform your life you need to harness your potentials, and sharpening gifts and talents involves educating yourself with the right information in these areas and creatively fashioning out new ways to build yourself, and update your knowledge. As far as you are living education is a continuous process. Life is a perpetual sojourn in the quest for knowledge. The acquisition of one leads to the quest for another. It is a fascinating journey of discovery.

3. Your Mindset (Thought Process):  Your mind, the human mind is the most powerful agency in the universe. Part of the content of your mind is the result of the information you receive.

As the most powerful agency in the world, the mind has the ability of synchronising the universe, with its thought process. By sending out what I call creative currents or waves that attract similar currents from the universe. The current the mind sends out locates its goal in the universe and attracts it to the individual. Constantly the mind keeps sending out these creative currents (I call these creative currents because they possess the ability to enact an activity in the world). The quality of currents sent out by the mind is dependent on the quality or state of the mind. When the mind is positive it sends out positive creative currents that attracts to the subject favourable results and circumstances. When it is negative on the other hand, the individual tends to witness more of unpleasant outcomes.

The mind is so powerful that whatever it is able to clearly and distinctly conceive so vivaciously it can attract to itself and therefore bring to reality-completion. As the most powerful tool of man, it can attract almost any conceivable thing to the human subject and so man can use it creatively to solve all manner of challenges. The creative currents sent out by the mind are so forceful that they are like commands given to a computer. When you push the buttons of the computer keyboard, the only way, the computer would not respond to the electronic instruction given to it is either when the internal or external organisation of the system is not working. In the same way the mind would get the exact results as the currents it sends out like a command to the universe, only that in this case, when the mind is not rightly aligned it would send out a signal to the universe which would in turn give a similar ill feedback

Following this enormous power the mind exerts, you have therefore an obligation to guide your thoughts. The mind is an abode of creative ideas that transform the world when put into judicious use. This being the case you should guide your thoughts as the most precious thing in the universe. This is because, of all the things you have got, of all the powers that you possess, the most delicate, as well as powerful, is the mind; anything that affects the mind affects the subject. For whatever happens to a man happens to him first in the mind.

To receive positive feedbacks in your life, you have to keep your mind always positive. Keeping your mind positive involves a whole lot of things. To keep the mind positive, you have got to constantly mediate on the things you want, focus on your positive dreams, goals, and visions. Always expect the good from every situation. Keeping the positive mind involves constantly engaging in creative thinking, in positive planning, using the mind to creatively fashion out new ways to solve problems and render services. Keeping the mind positive is educating the mind. It involves watching the right movies, the right shows on television, listening to the right programmes that would educate and inspire you. Allowing the wrong stuffs to infiltrate can really mess up your mind and reduce its efficiency and productivity. In whatever area of your endeavour your mind is the most powerful resource you have got as a human being.

4. The Pronouncements and Utterances you Make: Spoken words or utterances are one of the most effective ways of interacting with the universe. Saying the right things at the right time and place just has a way of unlocking the right results for you. There is a science behind this and it is what I call the logic of the universe. Human language as a means of communication is not meant for interaction between us humans only, it is also a means of interaction between us and the universe. The truest characteristic of the human nature is his ability to communicate. Man is a communicator. By this it means that man has the ability to interact and exchange information with the universe itself and whatever is in it.

To understand the nature of human language and the role spoken words play in shaping reality let me do a little description. According to George Ekwuru the human language presents itself as an organic structured system of signs. These signs are used are used as the representation of things in the world. These signs are particularly manifested in particular words. There is a link between spoken words and the creative currents of the mind. The currents the mind release find their physical or real manifestation in the sounds or signs produced when we speak. Therefore when these words are spoken they carry creative currents of the mind. The universe in its natural make-up already has a default system or organisation according to which it functions, when these signs couched with creative currents correctly match with the default systematic organisation of the universe, a synchronised result is created. The interesting thing about this is that as long as we are talking as human beings we constantly send out these commands, what I may call creative signs and when the conform with the logical laws that guide the universe a synchronised result is created. The quality of result created is dependent on the quality of command given.

The difference between the most successful people in the world today and the mediocre people is that successful people have trained themselves to know the right keywords to say in almost every given situation. There are people who just know the right words to say in order to get what they want. They know what to say and how to communicate it. This ability is not a special character bestowed on special people it is an innate capacity possessed by all of us humans in so far as you have the capacity of speech. It is one of the powers we possess. However to effectively put it into use it requires activation. The activation process starts when you recognise the depth of potential that your speech embodies. This recognition would inspire you into learning how to utilise your power of speech, it would motivate you into developing your speaking skills, and learning the art of speech.

The effectiveness your speech is also a function of faith. You have to believe in the pronouncements you make for them to be effective. Faith acts as a catalyst or backbone to the utterances we make. Words backed by firm and powerful belief systems are very effective tools or means of getting the universe to work for you. Thee utterances we make possess power in them; they words we say are alive and active.

5. The Actions we take: Actions are purposive activities taken. They implication of this statement is that every activity undertaken is taken in view of an objective, i.e. for a reason. When actions are taken they are taken to create a situation or reality. Things, realities, existents do not just exist, they are caused.

The fact our universe presents to us is that things exist, and they come and go out of existence. The underlining process by which things appear and disappear, come and go, are characterised by a series of intertwined actions – therefore there is a chain of causes and effects. What this therefore tells us is that the universe in which we live thrives on actions. Our universe could be defined as an intricate system of actions, which means nothing works in our universe except through the agency of an active force (action). While the mind sends out creative currents that pass across mental signals of ideas within the mind in order to attract similar currents from the logical structure of the universe and language or spoken words are signs in which these currents are couched i.e. signs that embody these currents, action is an animation of these creative lingual signs. It is a process of the physical manifestation of these signs.

We may develop the best theories in the world, we can have the best intentions on a particular project, but if we do not put these theories, wishes, hopes, dreams and plans into physical activity they would remain impotent.

I therefore encourage you to take a conscious determined effort to do one action everyday that leads you towards that goal, you have set for yourself and I guarantee you that you would be amazed at the result you would have accomplished at the end of year. Get up and take that action now!!!

These factors I have so far outlined are they key things that influence human beings and set them either on the right path or on the wrong course towards being successful and fulfilled. Take the necessary decisions and actions today and set your life on the right path, save in the bold knowledge that you were made for greatness, that you possess the power to conquer whatever obstacle that confronts you, that you have the necessary potentials to fulfil your destiny, that on earth, you are god.

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