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Every person that sets out on a journey has a destination the destination is his objective, his purpose. I lived and grew up in an environment where people lived below their potentials, where no one dared to dream big (extraordinarily big), where people resorted to status quo and refused to leave their comfort zones. I grew up in a place where materialism was the God where the understanding of success and fulfillment was attached strictly and solely to wealth and material possessions and so the greatest achievement an individual could make was to go school, whether he got genuine education or not was not the issue. The issue was that going to school would help the person get a certificate which would enable him/her secure a white collar job or any kind of job that would necessarily put food on the table. The main interest was to get a lucrative job, build a house, get a car, probably a flashy one to impress his contemporaries, and because of the reality of our technological age get the latest gadgets, then marry a wife, have a wonderful private nuclear family and live happily ever after. To some this picture might seem quite fascinating, awesome, peaceful, and unburdened and so most people would naturally wish this kind of lifestyle were there are no high expectations or lofty dreams. But the truth is that this kind of lifestyle lacks vigour, passion, urgency and purpose. It is the life of a mediocre whose expectations of life does not go beyond his geographic location, and whose dreams are bound only within the vogue ideology of his age. He is a child of fashion and trend always seeking to please and live up to the expectations of his contemporaries without looking inwards to discover his purpose in life. These kind of people are concerned with their daily bread and  would do anything possible to preserve it. It is a life that is purposefully dormant and redundant, it cannot aspire beyond the realities of its age and time. The person that has this kind of lifestyle is actually passive and not active in life. For him life is a movie, let’s watch the actors as the perform in the stage of greatness, let’s watch who will win the prize, for us we are mere spectators who would eat and enjoy from the proceeds of others’ hard won productions, innovations, and discoveries.

In this kind of environment genuine education is not prized as a means of acquiring true knowledge that liberates the mind of the individual from the bondage of ignorance and sets him free from the ambiguities of simply acquired little knowledge, rather it is seen as a ticket to social recognition and acceptance and a means to wealth acquisition. And so with these distorted understanding the graduate from formal education without undergoing mental refinement and so civilisation becomes an illusive hope of the world to come.

In the environment I grew up in people had this unnerving belief that it was not ideal to dream extraordinarily, you should dream and be like your contemporaries, don’t aspire too much it would make you appear eccentric, just abide with the conventional views about life and be like everyone else. Your dream and highest investment would be to secure a place and build a house in your hometown, if you hadn’t a house in the village then irrespective of whatever groundbreaking discovery you make or whatever breakthroughs you make you are an unfulfilled man and for the women if you don’t marry, bear children for your husband and live with your husband happily ever after then you are probably a failure.

In my environment people lacked the courage to take charge of their lives and assert their identity and destiny . It was always an issue of playing the blame game and not owning up to responsibilities and so most of the time people will look for whom to blame for their own inflicted woes and incompetency. Nothing therefore happens naturally, if someone dies then he must have been killed by his enemies who have vowed not to see him live and succeed, if one was unsuccessful in his business or career then it must be that his kinsmen or his enemies have used  charm to block his progress, his destiny. If one was unaccountable in his business dealings or for the funds put in his charge then it must be that his enemies or fraudsters would have hypnotised him into delivering all the money to them or they must have magically siphoned it. People always resorted to religious prophesies and affirmations to act as rational backups for whatever they did. And so they would spend more time in the prayer houses than on their work desks but would expect to be more successful than their counterparts who put in time, and creative thinking in their work. They have lost touch with the reality of life.

They are the product of their ineffective, incompetent, and inefficient government and even though they ineptitudeness of their government is experientially  palpable they cannot devise anyway to transform and evolve the decaying system but in their defeatist mentality would resort to blaming their government for virtually everything going wrong in both their personal and communal lives.

This was the type of environment I  was born and breed in but I decided to take a turn and embrace a different approach to life. My approach sees man as the architect of his own destiny, putting him in charge of his world. It is an approach where one sees life as a voyage of self discovery. The discovery of one’s purpose in life and putting up a determined effort to see to its fruition. It is an approach that encourages the harnessing and maximisation of one’s potentials. A discovery of the self that would lead to the transformation of the society at large. This approach emphasises personal responsibility and accountability, no blame games. In this approach you not helpless in the world, you are in charge of your world, you transform the world with your personal powers, you assert your identity, you control the world, you drive civilisations, innovations, revolutions, cultures, traditions politics, governance, religion, economies, philosophies and ideologies. In my approach we become the Lord of all of these. On earth we become God.

Having this mind I have decided to share my views about human life and existence so as to help people break free from these unnerving beliefs that limit and prevent them from understanding their true selfs and maximising their potentials. My blogs would focus on human life and purpose, helping people achieve success and fulfilment in different areas of their lives. Helping people to discover their purpose in life, find their careers, offering helps on how to discipline lifestyles and achieve the needed changes that are pivotal to personal and corporate development. My objective is basically personal and corporate development.

My name is Augustus Chukwu. I am a success, personal and corporate development coach, I am also a writer and public speaker. You are welcome to read my blogs and give me feeedbacks, I will be glad to hear From you. Thanks.


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