Individually Propelled Growth (IPG): A Case for Creativity and Disruptive-Innovative Entrepreneurship in an Age of Political Dystopia

    Intro There is an unflagging yearning and sobering cry for liberation by the hinging systems of the Nigerian society viz: education, politics, welfare and economy.The echoes of this cry resounds in the streets filled with squashed dreams of young hopeful entrepreneurs, in a system cluttered with almost dead analogue brains running leadership positions.... Continue Reading →

Future Discussions and Solutions (FDS)

   The journey towards success often times appears to be a lonely one. Most times entrepreneurs need to personally bootstrap their ideas to full to full actualisation. However, one of the greatest limitations to people's actualisation of their dreams is limited access to resources. Some thought leaders would argue that what you need to succeed... Continue Reading →

Open Progress and the Role of Technology and Data for an Open Future

  The techno-scientific realities of artificial intelligence and biotechnology (seen especially in GNR) are continually upending our world. Technological optimists (e.g. singularitarians and transhumanists) project almost a utopian future for humanity. From solving deadly diseases and even overcoming death to prospects like universal basic income, solutions to ecological problems and safe highways with self driving... Continue Reading →


     ANOMALOUS POLITICAL SYSTEM IN NIGERIA: A WAY FORWARD1.0 INTRODUCTION: “Nigeria”, for people who reside or who have lived within this geographical, enclave and independent political entity, this appellation rings a bell, and raises different notional reservations, a broad phenomenological descriptive analysis of its issues would see coming to the fore several unnerving characterizations that... Continue Reading →

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